Chandy asks Modi to withdraw indiscriminate fuel price hike

In the letter, released to the media here, Chandy has asked Modi to explain to the people why his government is taxing the people by frequently increasing fuel prices.

He began by asking what was the Modi government`s logic on raising prices when he and his Bharatiya Janata Party always criticised the UPA government when it took such steps.

"There has been a 52 per cent drop in international oil prices when the UPA was in power as compared to the present price scenario but today the price of one litre of petrol is less by just Rs 2.01 while the price of diesel is up by Re 0.28, as compared to the price of petrol and diesel when UPA laid down office," said Chandy.

He said that while the UPA government provided subsidy to decrease the pain of the people, Modi has been increasing the excise duty, making life miserable for the people and an explanation is required for this.

"You have always spoken against corruption and black money and the people wish to know what steps did you take to ensure that giant oil companies did not make use of this when you fixed the price of fuel products," he asked Modi.

Chandy also observed that the international oil price in early 2016 fell to $30 and now has touched $53.

"It should be noted that during the UPA rule, the international price of oil rose to $112 and if such a thing happens today, the cost of petrol will be Rs 108 and diesel will cost Rs 91 and hence in the interest of all, you should take note of all this and do the needful," he demanded.

Chandy asked Modi to immediately provide succour to the people who are suffering on account of demonetisation by immediately withdrawing the latest hike in fuel prices.

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