Kim Jong-un supervises missile firing contest

According to state media KCNA, Kim Jong-un supervised the contest from an observation post as batteries of several artillery units of the Korean People`s Army launched missiles from a beach into the sea, Efe news reported.

However, details on the date or place of the contest were not given.

"When the order to fire was given, all the gunners in the contest opened fire with a will to reduce the enemy`s post to ashes at a strike," said KCNA.

Kim Jong-un "underscored the need to conduct the training of artillery units under the simulated conditions of an actual battle," it added.

According to another statement by the agency, apart from the contest, the North Korean supreme leader also oversaw a night assault combat flight drill of the country`s air force, in which fighter planes aimed at ground targets.

The drills were held despite the UN Security Council imposing new financial sanctions on the Kim Jong-un regime for its latest nuclear test.

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