I want to do films that help me realise my acting potential: Adah

New Delhi, Mar 1 (UNI) She may come across as just another beautiful face in Bollywood with her glamorous looks, but actress Adah Sharma wants to be known as more than just a 'beautiful face' in films. Adah, who will be seen playing the female lead in the forthcoming action film 'Commando 2', the second edition of the popular franchise 'Commando', says that as an actor she is constantly trying to do diverse range of roles and films that help her realise her acting potential. ''As an actor, I am always looking to do films belonging to diverse genres. I want to do films that help me realise my acting potential,'' Adah told UNI. The actress, who will be seen playing a female cop in 'Commando 2', said her focus right now was to ensure that she does not get slotted in a particular image. ''The focus for me right now is to do films belonging to diverse genres so as not to get slotted in any particular image. I feel that if you do several films of the same genre, people tend to slot you in a particular image,'' she said. In 'Commando 2', Adah will be playing Bhavna Reddy, a cop, who is on an undercover mission with Captain Karanveer Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jammwal), a Commando to recover black money from abroad. Talking about her role in 'commando', Adah said, ''I am playing a female cop Bhavna Reddy. She is a small town girl from Hyderabad, who is going abroad for the first time. She is an encounter specialist." "While like Vidyut, my character also got to do a lot of action in the film, she also adds a fun element to the film. In a serious film like 'commando 2', which deals with Black money, Bhavna provides lot of comic relief," she said. "There is a subtle humour in my character. For instance her English and Hindi are not very good. There is also lot off style to the character,'' she added. Adah said that even though her character was that of a policewoman, she had tried to lend some style to it in order to add the fun element in the film. Asked if the film was physically exhausting for her, she said, ''The film was not as tough for me as '1920', which required me to do a lot more action. However, doing 'Commando 2', I realised that comedy is not an easy thing to do. It is tough to make people laugh.'' The actress said that for playing the role, she took inspiration from Salman khan's character in 'Dabangg'. Adah said she was fortunate to be part of a franchise like Commando. ''I feel really fortunate to be part of India's biggest action franchise,''she said. Adah has, over the years, done several films in Bollywood as well as in the South Indian film industry. Asked about her journey in the film world, the actress , said she is proud of all her films. ''I am proud of all films that I have done till date. I put a lot of effort in all the characters I play,''she said.
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