No real life reference in my film maker’s character: Paoli

Kolkata, Mar 14 (PTI) Actor Paoli Dam says there is no real life reference to her portrayal of a filmmaker in the Bengali film 'Mandobasar Galpo'. "I have drawn my own references and my character doesn't bear any resemblance with any Indian woman filmmaker I have known personally or heard about," Paoli says. As the character is of a nationally acclaimed director, people may draw inferences, she says. "I have observed all the filmmakers during shoots, seen their involvement and saw how they tackled personal and professional issues. After all, aren't character traits derived from personal lives?," she says. Paoli is sharing the screen space with Parambrata Chattopadhyay in the movie. "I have chosen 'Mandobasar Galpo' also because there is a strong woman-centric character in it. I always believe in portraying emotionally strong and yet vulnerable female roles. "This character also reveals both the strong and the soft sides of a woman, who is perceived to be strong-willed in public but fights in private her moments of break-down," Paoli said. I love portraying contrasting shades," she says. Paoli says Parambrata's character is a friend and guide to her part. "Param and I have turned up together in many films since our 'Kaalbela' days," she says.
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