Agartala : The BJP State president Biplab Deb today alleged that CPI(M) is

They had opposed surgical strike and Afjal Guru's execution while it remained silent and did not condemn Pakistan Government's order to execute Kulbhushan Jadav, he said. Earlier, commenting on BJP's prospect in ensuing Assembly Polls, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury had said, Tripura will be proved to be "Waterloo" for BJP. The BJP state president Biplab Deb contradicted the "Waterloo" concept and said it would not be a 'Waterloo" war but it would be the last battle of Mahabharata because it is India. The CPI (M) leaders read about Russian and French revolution, but failed to mould themselves as Indians, he said adding, "People voted BJP into power in four out of five states where recently Assembly Polls were held. Henceforth, Yechury has insulted voters of those states by framing BJP as a autocratic political party." It is irony that CPI(M) is teaching BJP lessons on democracy whereas CPI(M) itself do not believe in democratic values and principles, Mr Deb said. Alleging that CPI(M) does not care to follow Court Orders, BJP state president said, lack of respect to democratic values has been reflected in recent termination of 10323 teachers' job.
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