Men, don’t let Monsoon dampen your work look

New Delhi [India], Jul 13 : Keeping your style game on in Monsoon can be quite a task, especially when it comes to dressing for the office, but as they say - "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain." When the world outside is murky, wet and dull; one should be able to express himself sans compromising on his style quotient and so, Manish Tripathi, creator and designer behind the premium fashion labels antarDESI and Naveli, listed down some tips to help you survive the rainy season without any mishaps in the wardrobe department. Talking to ANI, the couturier said, "Unlike summers, where trends revolve around comfort and fabrics, monsoons are more about layering and experimenting with colours." "Vibrant hues, colour blocking, and experimenting with the prints works wonders in monsoon. Fabrics like ikat look classy and trendy for monsoon," he added. So, what are the wardrobe essentials for monsoon? Manish revealed that "vibrant printed shirts, without lining jackets, knitted ties and sporty jackets" are some must-haves you need to brave this season in style. Long gone are the days when businessmen roamed around in suits with an umbrella in one hand and a newspaper in the other - Thanks to the technological wonders like Kevlar and water-repellent fabrics. "Water repellent fabrics are making their way into commercial market and for obvious reason can be a big hit this monsoon," Manish added. Ideally, one's outfit shouldn't matter at all, but in a world where external appearances do matter, if you arrive in a damp, floppy outfit and squelching shoes at work, it won't do much for your professional image. To avoid landing in situations like that, Manish suggests, "experiment with silhouettes, colours and prints; just don't let it go dull this monsoon. Just a catchy pocket square on a chic grey suit can add panache to a regular ensemble." Monsoon clothing need not always burn a hole in your pocket; a little shuffling can do the magic. "Subtle colour infusions such as a pocket square, knitted ties or even just a pair of vibrant socks can add style to your evening," said Manish. Now, you are ready to bring your A-game on this monsoon!(ANI)
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