Love and Brotherhood during the times of floods in Sirohi

Rains have disrupted the normal life in Sirohi for last 3 days. The Dams and Canals in Sirohi have been overflowed with water. There is sadness and grief everywhere due to these massive rains. The poorest sections of the society have been massively impacted by these floods.  There is no food and clean drinking water to the people impacted by these floods. Adarsh Charitable Foundation has taken various initiatives to help these flood victims. Adarsh Charitable Foundation has provided the much needed help in these distress times to save the lives of thousands of people impacted by these massive floods. Despite heavy rains , people have started helping the needy and hungry people and supporting each other and spreading love and brotherhood. People have also taken part and provided help to the initiatives of Adarsh Charitable Foundation. Shri Mukesh Modi , Founder, Adarsh Charitable Foundation has expressed gratitude to all the people who have came togeather to help and provide food distribution in support of the poor and needy. This is Truth that this is the Spirit of Sirohi  and this is the Real Sirohi.
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