The overflow wall of Angor Dam breaks down,causing panic amongst the residents of Sirohi

Sirohi, 26 July 2017 : Yesterday in Sirohi , the overflow wall of Angor Dam broke down leading to more flow of water in Sirohi. This has created panic and distress amongst the residents of Sirohi. The social media is buzzing with all kinds of  news regarding Angor Dam break down which is creating more panic amongst the residents. However, the district administration has cautioned the residents of Sirohi to not to believe in these rumors. The overflow wall of 4 feet above the 18 feet Angor Dam has broken down and the district administration is continuously monitoring the situation and working towards construction of the wall for dam restoration.
On other hand ,  Abu Road which is road connecting to Mt Abu is blocked due to falling of rock causing disruption of road traffic in the region. 2000 tourist are stuck in Mt Abu. The local administration is continuously working towards removing these rocks to normalise the road connectivity in the region. The volunteers of Adarsh Charitable Foundation are working round the clock and preparing food for the people stranded in these floods in different places. Adarsh Charitable Foundation is standing with the people in this crisis situation and helping them. On the instructions of Shri Mukesh Modi , Founder , Adarsh Charitable Foundation , the volunteers are distributing tents and food items to the people stranded by these floods in Abu Road. In the last two days, the volunteers of Adarsh Charitable Foundation have distributed 10,000 food packets and have provided clean drinking water to people stranded in the region. The works of Adarsh Charitable Foundation will go on and will continue to help the poor and the needy in this crisis situation.
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