Watch : Salaam Sirohi

Since last 6 days, heavy rains have disrupted the lives of Sirohi residents. The rainy clouds are still hovering in the skies. Yesterday heavy rains continued for half an hour and troubled the residents of Sirohi. Many houses in Sirohi have collapsed due to heavy flooding. There are long jams in the roads and highways creating more trouble for the travelers. But this is Sirohi. This city does not lose courage.  In Sirohi , love is its  greatest strength.
Adarsh Charitable Foundation has taken big step in providing help for the people stranded in these floods. Adarsh Charitable Foundation volunteers have provided food and clean drinking water to the flood affected areas. On the instructions of Shri Mukesh Modi, Founder of Adarsh Charitable Foundation, the volunteers and social activist’s got together and provided food and clean drinking water to the poor and needy during this difficult times in Sirohi. So far, 16,000 food packets, 150 tents, 200 blankets and 300 raw food items have been distributed. Preparations are also going on for distribution of 10000 food kits to the villages which are cutoff due to these heavy rains. Adarsh Charitable Foundation is planning to hire a helicopter to distribute the food packets in these flood hit areas of Sirohi. The volunteers of Adarsh Charitable Foundation are working selflessly towards providing help to the people affected by these floods. Inaccessible roads and tough conditions don’t bother the hardworking and courageous volunteers of Adarsh Charitable Foundation.  This is Sirohipan , where humanity is paramount to every resident. Ashoka News Salutes this Sirohipan spirit of Sirohi.
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