Watch : Relief work continued by Adarsh Charitable Foundation

Relief work continued by Adarsh Charitable Foundation Adarsh Charitable Foundation, Philanthropic arm of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd is carrying out the flood relief work in Jalore - Sirohi region. The raw food material packs from Sirohi are being sent to Jalore region.There is heavy flooding in the region. The villagers are stranded in the flood waters and struggling for food and clean drinking water. Adarsh Charitable Foundation is doing great work to the humanity by helping these flood victims. The Helicopters of Adarsh Charitable Foundation are being hired for helping these flood victims with food supplies. The food packets are being  distributed in the villages of Hemaguda, Dharnavas, Itada, Dantia , Dhingpura and Bavatda. 10 thousand food kits have already been distributed in Jalore and many more food supplies are on way for these flood victims. Adarsh Charitable Foundation is helping flood victims in Gujarat  Adarsh Charitable Foundation is providing food supplies with the help of local administration in various flood affected regions of Gujarat. Adarsh Charitable Foundation has distributed 15000 packets of Sukdi and 20000 raw material food packets to all the flood victims of  Gujarat. 1500 food packets were also distributed in the various flood affected regions of Ahmedabad.
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