Watch : No Hindu , No Muslim , Let’s put India first

This is our nation "India" where Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian live togeather in harmony then why is a Fatwa issued against Bihar Minister Khurshid Ahmed for chanting Jai Shri Ram ?  Political pressure got built up in Bihar and Mr. Khurshid Ahmed  was forced to apologize. When will the politics of hate end in this country?  I have seen many Hindu's worshiping in the Dargah. If you dont believe me you can see this. Sheikh  of Abu Dhabi , Sheikh Sultan saying Jai Shri Ram. Can anyone stop Sheikh Sultan from saying Jai Shri Ram. Now  I will take you to an all religious meet organised in Andhra Pradesh where you can see Arab woman's singing Bhajans. This is Vasudeva Kutumkambh. This is love & harmony.  This is India. Now I am showing some of the images of communal harmony .Think about it ? It's love of one another which makes us alive. It is this love and harmony which makes India truly blessed. Hindustan Zindabad.  
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