Watch : Raksha Bandhan to be celebrated on 7 August , Lunar Eclipse is creating problems

Festival of Raksha Bandhan to be celebrated on 7 August , Lunar Eclipse is creating problems but Astrologers say there is no issue.
The Festival of Raksha Bandhan is coming soon and sisters would tie the Rakhi on their brother's wrist  on 7 August. But there is also lunar eclipse on 7th August. There is Bhadra on that day till 11 am 8 minutes while Lunar eclipse will start from 1 pm 52 minutes. The lunar eclipse will start at night 10 pm 52 minutes and moksh ratri will start from 12 pm 49 minutes.  With Lunar Eclipse and Soothak kaal , there is discussion going on that tying of Rakhi can be done from 11 am 8 minutes to 1 pm 52 minutes, that is period of just two and half hours only. This confusion is putting people in trouble. To clear this confusion , Ashoka News spoke to renowned astrologer Mr. Omprakash Soni of Devagya Astro, Mount Abu.  He said that in Nirnay Sindhu  parichched page 2 number 180 it is written that | ida rakshabandhan niyatakalatvat bhadravarjya grahanadinepi kaaryan holikaavat grahanasankraantyaadaurakshaanishedhaabhaavaat. In Nirnay Sindhu page 180 line no 11 , Rakshabandhan should be done as per Holi on the eclipse after bhadra . It is also written that eclipse of Soothak takes place in the realm of time, while the Rakhi Shravan Sudi Purnima is celebrated regularly. The mention of Raksha Bandhan not being celebrated on the first day nor on the second day is not mentioned. It is celebrated on the same day and eclipse should not be blamed. Therefore relax and celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan on 7 August from 11.08 am all day long. Don't believe in any rumors and share this information to everyone so that every sister can tie rakhi on their brothers wrist and celebrate this great festival of Raksha Bandhan with joy and happiness.
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