WATCH:​Huge crowd of pilgrims gather in Adarsh Bhandara, Rajasthan Govt Ministers appreciate the efforts

SIROHI, RAJASTHAN Aug 18 : To see the glimpse of Baba Ramdev Pir, lakhs of devotees are travelling to the holy shrine of Baba Ramdeb Pir in Ramdevra. There is an ocean of devotees. The devotees are travelling from different parts of Rajasthan with the holy flag in their hands to travel to holy shrine in Ramdevra. The devotees are coming from different parts of the country. There are devotees from Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh who are travelling to Ramdevra. This thousand kilometer padyatra which is not easy. The whole body get tired due to this continous journey. However there are various social organization who are helping the pilgrims by offering them tents.  Adarsh Bhandaara Tritiya is in news  for providing services for the pilgrims visiting Ramdevra. On an average , Adarsh Bhandaara Tritiya offers food and rest accommodation  to 10,000 pilgrims in a day. Adarsh Charitable Foundation, CSR arm of Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd is running  Adarsh Bhandara for the third year in a row. Under the guidance of Mr. Mukesh Modi, Founder, Adarsh Charitable Foundation, Adarsh Bhandara is  providing free medical services , food arrangements, sleep , bath , worship and aarti to the pilgrims. There are two big pandals in Adarsh Bhandara. The volunteers of Adarsh Charitable Foundation are working 24x7 for providing the service to the pilgrims. Sirohi residents are also providing the help and are engaged in work of service for the pilgrims who travel in night. This is the selfless spirit of inhabitants of Sirohi . The news of Adarsh Bhandara have spread across Rajasthan. There are new discussions going on Adarsh Bhandara. The Minister's in Rajasthan Government and big names associated with Politics and local administration have also reached Adarsh Bhandara and applauded the services and arrangements in Adarsh Bhandara. As there is a saying which says  "as long as there is no misery in devotion, what is that devotion? It is with same belief and determination that Pilgrims are having for the devotion of Baba Ramdev's darshan. This is the true devotion for Baba Ramdev. This is Adarsh way of serving the pilgrims.
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