Watch: Let’s not be Hindu or Muslim, Let’s be humans first

I am Hindu , you are Muslim. I am from this religion and you are from that religion. In the name of religion we are fighting with each other . We are losing humanity these days. We must remember that there is no bigger religion than Humanity. You can try maximum times but you can never remove the love and brotherhood among the people. We must always remember the beautiful lines of Allama Iqbal which says "Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mai bhari karna". Why do we forget these beautiful lines ?
You may remember the gruesome terrorist attack on bus for Amarnath Yatra. You may also remember the name of driver of the bus .
Here you can see visuals in Valsad district of Gujarat , Mr. Jabeerbhai Bhoga conducts the Bhagwat Katha for the martyrs of Amarnath Yatra. You can see the beautiful images from Jabeerbhai house carrying out the Pothi Yatra.
Just three days back, We have seen the Utkal Express  Train accident . People from different community ran and saved the lives  of the injured passengers. They didn't ask for religion. For them saving the lives of people was most important.This is Humanity.
Now, let's take you to Pushker in Ajmer , Rajasthan now where you can see how people from Muslim community are organizing Bhandara for the pilgrims travelling to Ramdevra for so many years.
This is faith, This is religion. This is India. This is where there is nothing bigger than Humanity.
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