Watch : Have you heard her scream ?

Have you heard her scream ?   Have you heard her scream?  But nobody has heard her scream. We used to such screams. What you see now  are the screams of a girl.She is someone's daughter , She is someone's sister. She is being molested and filmed forcefully. But we dont see anything,we dont hear anything. You can clearly see in the video , 4 men who have betrayed the trust of the girl and harassing her. This is the same land where woman are worshiped.There is now a question on this worship too. What is use of the worship where woman are treated so badly. This video has gone viral on Whatsapp. We can't guarantee the authenticity of the video. The truth will come out when we will find these 4 men. Whether they are culprit or not, only time will tell. Let the police do their duty and arrest these men to find out the truth. Let us also help the police by identifying these men. This is our duty as well as yours.
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