This is the SPIRIT OF AAMCHI MUMBAI    This is Mumbai,India's Financial Hub, This is our Aamchi Mumbai.Yesterday, heavy rains of 298 mm of rain poured in Mumbai. This is the maximum rain that Mumbai has received in the month of August since 1997. The whole city of Mumbai suffered due to heavy rains. There is flood water everywhere. Bus, Cars and even Trains are immersed  in flood waters. The Fast pace of Mumbai has slowed down but the spirit of Mumbai has not stopped. Mumbaikar spirit of helping each other can be seen in these difficult times. Mumbaikar's are saying Mee Aahe, Dont  worry. Mumbaikar's are helping the people stranded in floods. Some are them offering accommodation in their homes while others are providing food arrangements. The Indian Navy is also providing humanitarian assistance in these floods. People have opened their homes for accommodation for the flood affected people. Social Media giant Facebook is offering help  to the flood victims and providing assistance through Facebook Safety Check feature . You can see that people are supporting each other in this tough times.This is Humanity. The Boundaries of religion whether Hindu or Muslim have dissolved. Nobody is asking which religion or from which place you are from. Mumbaikar's are opening their heart and helping each other in this difficult time. This is the spirit of Mumbai. This is Mumbai Meri Jaan. This is why its called Aamchi Mumbai and you proudly say from your heart " Jai Maharashtra".
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