WATCH: Aamir Khan – A powerful voice against all the odds

A powerful voice against all the odds

Aamir Khan is a super star , great actor and more importantly a great human being. His next movie , Secret Superstar is going to be released on Diwali. This movie is based on life of a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a singer against all odds and restrictions from the family and her community. The Secret Superstar trailer and dialogues will shake and stir you from the heart. This is Aamir Khan's style of making movies with offbeat stories. He is the voice against the unnecessary customs and traditions. He is the strong voice and speaks from his heart on such issues. Aamir Khan along with the crew of Secret Superstar movie yesterday reached the Navlakhi Garba grounds in Vadodara to promote his movie  Secret Superstar. He also performed aarti with full devotion and celebrated Navratri with full festive fervor with his fans in Vadodara. He also spoke his latest movie Secret Superstar and said that the movie is based in Vadodara. You also must remember that some right wing people had objected to the presence of Muslims in Garba Grounds in Vadodara in 2015. Lets hear what they had said about Muslim presence in Garba grounds of Vadodara. The same city Vadodara welcomed Aamir Khan in the Garba grounds amongst the similar set of crowd who once had objected the presence of Muslims in the Garba grounds.  This is the power of Aamir Khan. He is trendsetter whether in movies or with TV shows like Satyamev Jayate. Aamir Khan is our super secret star. A powerful voice against all the odds.
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