Abhishek Sharma bagged lead role after almost 800 auditions

In the Star Bharat show, "Nimki Mukhiya", he plays Babbu Singh. "Getting a lead role is a dream come true. I came here (Mumbai) in 2010 from Delhi and after seven years and almost 800 auditions, I got this. I am more happy for my parents. They trusted me and had patience, Abhishek said in a statement. How much does he relate to his character? "My character in this show is a bit unreal in today's world. So, it is not relatable. Babbu singh is a guy who has been raised in a 'mukhiya' family and he is a brat. He knows he will be the next 'mukhiya' of the village. I don't relate with the character as I am not like him in real life. "But that's what I love about my job. I am portraying a character that's totally different from me." --IANS
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