Watch: Rahul Gandhi enters ladies toilet in Gujarat

Assembly elections in Gujarat are nearby, the political atmosphere in the state is getting charged up.

On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi was on a visit to Chhota Udepur. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi also shook a leg and did a Timli dance , a tribal folk dance with a group of tribals at Chhota Udepur district in Gujarat. Later he went to Darbar Hall  to interact with group of Adivasi students.

After the event , while on his way out of Darbar Hall, Rahul Gandhi stepped into the ladies toilet. Rahul Gandhi entered the ladies toilet as he could not read and understand Gujarati. Following the incident, the SPG that accompanied Rahul dispersed the media persons who had gathered outside the toilet on hearing about the blunder.The entire scene was recorded by media persons present there.

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