Bigg Boss 11 : Salman Khan apologises to dogs for calling Zubair Khan one

Mumbai, 15 oct 2017 : The contestants on this season’s Bigg Boss aren’t really friends of logic or even staying true to their words. Like last time, this Weekend Ka Vaar also revealed the same.Salman Khan began the show by apologising for calling someone ‘kutta’ last week. Of course, we know who he is talking about. He had said to the now-evicted contestant Zubair Khan that he would ‘turn him into a dog’ for how he was behaving inside the house. So audience and contestants thought he was apologising to Zubair. But Salman continued that he was apologising to the dogs as they are so loyal, they shouldn’t be compared to him. Zubair had said after his eviction that the show was heavily scripted and said he would file a police report against Salman for threatening him on the show.The host then brought contestants to the witness stand one by one and asked them about the allegations fired towards them by other inmates.Arshi was asked about why she was still lying at the drop of a hat. She didn’t really try to defend herself and said that was just her way of dealing with the people in the house. When it was Shilpa’s turn at the witness stand, Arshi accused her of being flippant. ‘She would plan strategies with us all night but three hours into it, she would suddenly realise she wants to be the better person and tells us not to fight with people unnecessarily,’ she complained to Salman.
 She also accused her of trying to act like her mom, asking her to do things her way.
When it was Hina’s turn on the stand, the allegations piled up. She was accused of thinking herself stronger than everyone else, turning against her friends and more. Her fight with Vikas through the week crossed over to the episode on Saturday as well and is bound to continue into the next as well.After a few more accusations against Vikas, Salman ended the episode by giving Jyoti a small lesson in sexuality. He told her who are heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals, which he said aren’t people who are attracted to ‘bais’.The episode ended with Sapna, Jyoti and Sshivani still in a lurch about their fate on the show. Sunday’s episode will reveal who gets evicted this week. by Sanjay Prajapati
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