PM Modi has mastered art of doublespeak: Congress

Chandigarh (Punjab) [India], November 5 : The Congress Party on Sunday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mastered the art of doublespeak. "He remains arrogant and in denial of the damage that he has done. He has mastered the art of doublespeak. Rajiv Gandhi had only drawn attention and expressed his concern over the corruption in the administration and in the delivery systems," Congressleader Anand Sharma told. The Congress leader further alleged the Prime Minister for being friend of black money hoarders. "This government has looted the people in two ways. Firstly, the Prime Minister has looted everyone by demonetization. Secondly, he snatched away employment from the people. The hoarders of black money are his companions. Those who have access to such money are his best of friends," he said. Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi while addressing a public rally at Himachal Pradesh's Kullu had accused the Congress of involving in corruption, casteism and nepotism. "Congress and corruption are inseparable. For 70 years, Congress ruled the country, but they were only involved in corruption, spreading lies, casteism and nepotism. Corruption was not a major disease 70 years back. So who is responsible for corruption? Who brought communal, caste and social disharmony in India? It is the Congress. Don't you think the party needs to be taught a lesson?" the Prime Minister had said. Taking a jibe at former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's 1985 statement that Re 1 ends up as 15 paise when it reaches villages, Prime Minister Modi said, "He (Rajiv Gandhi) was the sort of doctor who diagnosed the ailment - corruption - but offered no cure." The hill state will go to polls on November 9. (ANI)
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