Watch : Jaana tha Japan Pahuch Gaye Cheen

If you are on a journey, its great thing. You can travel by Train or Plane. But Sorry, If you have taken ticket, there is no guarantee of reaching your destination. You may be transported to somewhere else.
Let's see what happened in Jet Airways flight. Jet Airways flight 9W 730 took off from Delhi airport around 2.30pm. The flight was diverted to Varanasi first, after finding out that no taxiway would be available in Patna. The police said the flight landed back at Delhi airport at 9.30 pm.
Watch the visuals of the ruckus created by passengers in Delhi Airport. Similar situation happened in Special Train travelling from Delhi to Maharashtra. The Train took off from Nizamuddin station for Kohlapur.
The Journey was going smooth and then the train reached Mathura and here the train took a turn towards Morena in Madhya Pradesh. The Station Master of Morena Station was shocked to see this and driver of the train also realized the mistake.
The Train halted in station for 2 hrs and train moved back towards Gwalior and later towards Kolhapur.
So if you are travelling, please be ready for adventure. You may leave for a destination but you may reach some other destination.
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