Ethnic wear is New Fashion Trend

India is known for its diversity and culture. Ethnic wear has unique place in fashion. Modernization couldn't remove it. Youth are crazy after western wear and we find comfort and fashion in it but that craziness couldn't affect our culture. The traditional Indian attire has earned admirers from people from all over to organizations like UNESCO. The Saree is one Indian dress that enjoys worldwide popularity. The UNESCO praises it as “valuable Indian contribution to the world’s cultural heritage and diversity”. Ethnic wear shows “Attitude , Royal feel and  glamour look.  Even today We all prefer to wear  ethnic wear at wedding function or social function or at special event when we represent us being Indian.  With the time we have accepted many changes and so in fashion but here we have changed the style , changed the sttitude but never think to leave it. Isn't it sign that we are proud Indian and We are too conscious  about our culture...! At the time of our grand father , they used to wear “Dhoti” , “Kurta” and ladies used to wear “saree”.  Next generation started wearing Kurti and even gents have accepted western wear. In todays generation most of the youngsters prefer to wear jeans  ,T-shirt which is more comfortable but when it comes to function we never miss to wear ethnic wear. We have made more changes in it. We have made a mixture of Indian – western wear and make it more stylish and glamours. We have changed the look of “Saree” and  “Dhoti” but we haven't forgot it. It has always remain the attire of India and will be. Time will definitely make some beautiful changes in it but it will make it more beautiful. Even today Royal Ethnic wear overshined all other attire and manage to grab the attention of many in any function. Fashionista have no reason to disagree with it.
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