Ghani denounces terrorism in name of Islam

Kabul [Afghanistan], Dec 3 (ANI): Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday denounced terrorism in the name of Islam saying "Islam is not being threatened, it is your rebellion which is hurting the Muslims." "Any kind of discrimination against the residents of the country is unacceptable and the government will take stringent action over the issue," the Tolo News quoted the Afghan President, as saying, at a ceremony at the Presidential Place on Milad-un-Nabi - the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad. "Our society doesn't need discrimination; it doesn't allow it," Ghani added. He further said, "Those who have anti-female sentiments and want to place obstacles on the way of the success of the Muslim women of Afghanistan, are in a real sense, undermining the development of the country and the progress of Islamic civilisation." The Afghan President further said those who killed under the name of Islam were murderers. "Killing of innocent civilians does not have any place in Islam and those who are killing the people under name of Islam are murderers," he said. Ghani added, "Those bloodthirsty criminals who say that Islam is in danger, I want to tell them that Islam is not in danger, but it is the killings, crimes and treason which have devastated the Muslims." Meanwhile, Ghani extended his apology to the Afghan women in the backdrop of his controversial remarks regarding the headscarf. "President Ghani made the remarks with a cultural interpretation as he pointed towards the headscarf and in no way he had any intentions to insult the women," Khaama Press reported, citing President's Office ARG Palace as saying in a statement. The statement further read, "President Ghani extends his apology to the Afghan women in case his remarks have affected their emotions," The Afghan leader made the remarks during the transfer of the border police forces to the Ministry of Defence in a bid to defend the government officials against the accusations of the critics who had purported that certain government officials are having ties with the Islamic State (IS) terror outfit. Those who have made such claims should prove it and those who are unable to prove it must wear a headscarf, he said. His remarks had sparked a furore and had put him under immense pressure, mainly from women and activists.
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