Google Hosted its ‘Google for India’ Event in Delhi

  • From remote villages to local businesses, many of our initiatives are helping bring the internet to every Indian
  • Pay over 70+ billers, and get due date reminders - all in one app.
  • Public WiFi Hotspots are the Internet cafe of the mobile era. A place to get high-quality Internet, check mail, offline some videos and hang out at.
  • Ceaser Sengupta - The next billion users are defining the next wave of technology. explains how.
  • SappyChadha - Women across the nation have gone on to do amazing things for themselves and their communities with .
  • The ‘Solve for India’ program empowers startups and entrepreneurs to shape the India of tomorrow.
  • Google making the internet a familiar place for 230 million digitally active Indians.
  • Rajan Anandan - Indian language usage will explode as more Indians come online. And we’re excited to be a part of this journey.
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