Horoscope – It’s all about “Karma”

The body is like billions of  tiny solar systems. When you are born, every cell in your body adheres to the frozen picture of the planets at birth. It's like a circuit imprint thats formed at birth to be a reflection of one's Dharma ( purpose and destiny) and Karma (debt). Physiologically, at the moment of Birth , the neurons of the brain from a specific pattern which has been scientifically documented, and this set up the personality of individual. So when you are born in to perticular lifetime, you are born with particular cosmic charge. This occurs upon inhaling the first breath, and reflects the planetary location and zodiac sign that is rising in the East from your birthplace. These elements are the things that Astrologer can examine in your chart and identify what your Karma is. For example, any square aspect you have, when planets are at right angles to each other, indicates your karmic debt. One of the main factors in distiguishing a karmic lesson is saturn, as this planet is lord of Karma. If saturn signifies obstacles and limitation in life, it is because either your desired goal is incorrect or a karmic reaction has been imposed.  As saturn placement in your chart can indicate the areas in life that one needs to work on. Saturn's movement with time , through perticular  stressful aspects to the natal chart.  Therefore if you fail to conform to certain ways in the life, saturn is always there to induce a karmic lesson, either immediately or in future. Saturn remains in the Zodiac sign for an average of  two and half years, so a whole Karmic generation of saturn people enter life during that two and half year period. For example, people with major karmic lessons concerning sagittarus  energy and forces from a Karma here. It takes saturn about twenty nine years to circle the sun , from our point of view , covering all twelves signs of Zodiac.  The type of Karma that each baby will have during the two and half years of saturn in any sign, although similar, will further depend on its aspects to other planet, the location of the house. The theory of  Karma  recognizes 3 kinds of  Karma in our life. They are as follows. 1 Sanchit Karma : The Good and Bad Karma that we inherit from our past lives in   this life. 2 Praravdha Karma :  The net Balance of Good and bad Karma which we inherit from past lives in this life which we must experience in this life. 3 Kriyaman Karma:  The Good and Bad Karma that we have earned from action in this life itself  at any given point of time. Out of these 3 Karmas, a and c Karma types and their effects can be neutralized by present good and bad karmas in this life itself. But the net effect of  Praravdha Karmas whether it is good or bad have to be experienced in this life itself. This theory of Karma does not accept that our life is totally predestined, our free will and the choices that we make at critical junctures in our life also play an equally important part. Hence it is not correct to say that whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen in our life and we are just hapless puppets dancing under the strings of our fate or destiny.   Article by Dharaa Patel
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