Here’s Why 90’s Kids Are In Mourning

In case you're a '90s child, chances  are that you grew up watching Channel [V], when it was in reality about music, Lola Kutty and marvelous VJs like Gaurav Kapur and Juhi Pandey. The channel has been around for two decades now and as per a few, it is "one stage far from turning into a saas-bahu channel".

Be that as it may, now, the channel may simply be closing down. As indicated by a Shuchi Bansal's report in Livemint, Star India will be pulling Channel [V] and replacing it with a sports channel. Star declined to remark on the improvement.

Regardless of whether genuine or not, the conceivable bringing down of screens on the channel is getting individuals extremely nostalgic. Many related how they spent their more youthful years watching Channel [V] and MTV. Be that as it may, given how the channels were pushing 'youth driven' substance like reality shows and dramatization as of late, many said they hadn't observed either direct in quite a while.

Other related the demise of the channel with the passing of '90s music. Some even called it the YouTube of that time.

These responses will doubtlessly bring you on a trek through a world of fond memories.
By: Dhruvish Shah
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