BJP to fight upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka : Rajnath Singh

FLASH:- "BJP to fight upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka under B. S. Yeddyurappa Ji's leadership," "Congress govt here wants to divide Karnataka community to rule. I received information that even though there is no such regulation in constitution, Muslim community here was befooled with reservation which was later out ruled by the Court,", Paresh Mesta was recently killed. What this govt is doing in these murder cases? Gauri Lankesh was killed. I want to assure Karnataka public that when our govt is formed, we will probe her death from all angles, culprits will be punished. We won't save anyone, I want to congratulate him (Rahul Gandhi) but also ask- did the fire of communalism, terrorism & naxalism in India erupt due to BJP's policies? Did fire erupt in Kashmir due to BJP's policies? If someone formed govts by setting fire, it is Congress. BJP is trying to douse it says HM Rajnath Singh in Bengaluru
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