Gujarat vote: Win of development over dynasty politics, says Amit Shah

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Dec 18 : Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah on Monday said that the party's electoral victory in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh should be seen as a victory of development over dynasty politics and polarisation. Addressing media after election results were declared, Shah said, "This victory is a win of politics of performance over the dynastic politics and populist policies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been trying to free the people of the country from the ulcer of casteism and divisive politics and our win has proved that we are succeeding." "We have once again emerged triumphant. I offer a heartfelt gratitude to the people of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh that they gave us another opportunity to serve them," he added. Hailing Prime Minister Modi's rule across India, Shah asserted that Modi's aim for the youth in 2022 will become a reality. "The two-third lead in Himachal Pradesh shows that the people there want to join Prime Minister Modi in the journey of development. We are confident that when we go into the 2019 elections under the leadership of Modi, we will once again get the people's support and Modi ji's aim for the youth in 2022 will become a reality," he added. Further lashing out at the Congress' election outsourcing strategy, Shah said,"The people of Gujarat have voted for us despite the heavily divisive and casteist campaign of Congress. The Congress party tried to outsource its election to other leaders, but it failed." Shah also pointed out that the party's vote share has gone up slightly even if it lost some seats as compared to the last elections in Gujarat. The BJP is currently leading in 44 seats while the Congress is at 21 seats in the 68-member Assembly
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