Protests erupt demanding Gairsain as permanent U’khand capital

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) [India], Dec 24 : Protests were staged on Saturday headed by the Gairsain Capital Movement demanding Gairsain to be declared as Uttarakhand's permanent capital. A few tens of people were seen marching together in a rhythmic pattern raising slogans about the issues they faced through catchphrases and songs. They further claimed that the capital of a hill state should be among the hills, as it would lead to the betterment of the state and its natives. Protestors also claimed that the idea of having three capitals for the state was absurd, and thus stated that Gairsain be the final capital of the state. "Uttarakhand's capital should be in the hilly areas; otherwise our problems will not be resolved. We are facing several issues on a daily basis, and thus we want Gairsain to be made the capital. Through this, many of our problems will be resolved. This time, we want real solutions; not just on paper," a protestor told ANI. Further, the troupe claimed that the protest marches would continue until the demand has been met. "The BJP has majority both in the Centre and state level. There is no better time to pay heed to our demand," another protestor argued. Among those participating in the march were members of various trade unions, student bodies, locals, members of the local women's commission, and members of the media fraternity. Some protestors were also seen burning effigies of those who opposed this movement. (ANI)
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