A stone can make you millionaire..!!

There are somethings which can't be estimated at first glance.  Today we are telling you about one such thing. Take a look at the sea shore If your eyes fall on something that look a like stone. That stone can make you a millionaire. What is this stone? This thing is not a stone actually but it's whale fish's vomit. You will be surprised at how it can make you  a millionaire but this is a very precious and rare thing. Whale vomiting is called Ambegris. This type of wax- shaped cheese become so rigid by sea shore. This shape eventually becomes stone. Many people throw it away due to lack of information or ignorance. How does this wax become? The vomit is a precious wax. Whale gut is made from melting. Ambergiris are made inside the whales abdomen. When the whale releases it, many times it gets deposited on the shores of the sea. It is used to make very expensive perfumes. The value of the stone is Estimated value of Ambergris to be around 16 crores. There are many cases in the world that his one piece of  wax found by fishermen which have made them millionaires.
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