Kasauli – The ultimate beautiful destination

Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh has been as center of attraction for foreign tourist as well as Indian Tourists. This is a small mountainous region in Himachal Pradesh. This place in solan district was developed in the British Raj.  Kasauli has “pine” , “oak”, and chestnut trees and old fashioned roads, shops, houses, beautiful small gardens and parks. Kasauli's original name is Kusumavali which means queue of  flower. Varieties of flowers are growing here and they are special attraction for tourists. Shimla is situated on a distance of 77 KM while chnadigarh is 65 KM away.  In fact, This is an Army camp but it attracts tourists because of it's natural beauty. Kasauli has created unique identity today. The place has been developed very well as a hill station. The most important feature of  Kasauli is that its height is much higher than Shimla. If you want to spend quite day in natures beauty, Kasauli is the best option. Kasauli is known for its sunrise. Here are three ways, through which the natural beauty of  different places can be enjoyed.  The tallest place in Kasauli is Monkey point. This place is situated in uppermala is now under control of Army. So we have to get permission to go there. There is also Kasauli club in upperland. The club is administered by the Army.
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