Army needs technology that suits it, not rushing for operations

New Delhi, Jan 12 : Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat emphasised that to prepare the army for future tasks, it needs a system that bests suits its requirements and copy world?s technology. While talking about the preparation that the army needs to have to fight the future combats, he asserted that it needs to be looked at what they require to fight the future wars and to be given the technology to help them carry out effective surveillance. He also highlighted that the army is made to fight based on the number of weapons and not the actual technology that it needs. He said, "It is becoming a worrisome phenomenon that people are just rushing to Operations to get success and at time taking risks well beyond their capacities. Why are they taking risks? They are more concerned about tasks at hand to get success that is why sometimes it is leading to higher casualty rate."(ANI)
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