Manipuri women polo players shine in International Tournament

Imphal (Manipur), Jan 12 : Sports has always been a forte for the women of the northeast region and over the years sportspersons especially women from the different states of the region has set a new era of hope for the women players. This time with a new approach towards popularizing the game of Polo all across the state of Manipur and the country as a whole, the 13th Manipur Women Polo Tournament is underway to motivate Manipuri women polo players. Moreover, the women players have put their efforts in promoting the polo players of the state who have been selflessly dedicating to preserve the indigenous game which has been an inseparable part of Manipuri culture since time immemorial. It is noteworthy that the first women polo tournament was organized in 1992-93 since then regular polo tournament are being organized in the state and more young girls have started playing polo much enthusiastically. A total of 3 women polo teams from the state of Manipur took part in the tournament and gave a tough fight against their foreign counterparts representing United States Polo Association. At the same time, it is breaking all kind of stereotypes and notions that only men can play this sport.(ANI)
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