IndiGo’s Indore-bound passenger travels on its Nagpur flight

Mumbai, Jan 14 ,  In a major security goof-up, a person was allowed to travel to Nagpur on an IndiGo flight from Delhi though he had a boarding pass for the airline's flight to Indore. IndiGo has confirmed the incident, which took place on Friday, and said that it has suspended three of its security personnel for the security lapse. "The passenger was scheduled to travel to Indore on IndiGo airline's flight 6E 656. At the time of check-in, he was given a boarding pass for the same flight. However, he boarded the aircraft which was bound for Nagpur and no one from the airline noticed this goof-up," a source said. The airline in a statement said, "IndiGo regrets the security breach intercepted by its security staff on flight 6E 774 (DEL-NAG), wherein a passenger of flight 6E 656 (DEL-IDR) wrongly boarded the flight 6E 774 and further travelled to Nagpur, after boarding the wrong coach." "The security lead, second lead and skipper (security personnel) have been taken off roster till IndiGo's internal enquiry in the matter is completed," it said. The airline also said the passenger's baggage was retrieved from the Indore flight. Last year, the apex aviation security agency Bureau of Civil Aviation (BCAS) had suspended IndiGo's security training centre licence for lapses in the examination system conducted by it as the same set of question papers was found to have been repeated for many months. The suspension order was, however, later revoked after the Gurgaon-based airline gave a commitment to the BCAS that its cabin crew will undergo a refresher course and examination
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