These tech driven education platforms are redefining careers in 2018

New Delhi, Feb 04 : Technology driven education platforms are the new breed of startups. There are umpteen entrepreneurs wanting to solve the problems in the education sector through internet. The factors contributing to the growth of the sector include rising demands from various segments, growing internet, and convenience factors. It is also seen as one of the most lucrative sectors by the investors. Here are five ed-tech platforms reshaping the career choices of Indians: 1. BJYU's: The learning platform offers training for preparation of different entrance and competitive examinations. It aims to discover a unique methodology for increasing the pace of learning among the students by bringing into account the concept of learning through engaging into videos and interactive activities for personalised tutoring. 2. MakeMeStudyAbroad: MakeMeStudyAbroad is a one-stop, digitally-driven platform to facilitate education planning and documentation for students planning to study abroad. The company looks to introduce technology in the traditional 'study abroad' process; connecting students through its online portal to assist them in their dream of studying abroad. The portal includes everything such as checking the eligibility, choosing the courses and colleges, applying for the admission and visa assistance. 3. NextEducation: Founded in 2007, Next Education is a fast-growing, technology-driven company revolutionising the education system in India. It is transforming education with innovative and engaging technology-based K-12 solutions used by over 2,00,000 teachers, to the learning delight of 10 million students across more than 10,000 schools. 4. LearnSocial: LearnSocial is a nucleus of learning where students, job seekers and professionals can learn new things and which can help in shaping their careers. The core offerings of the platform are real-time (Live) interaction between learners and instructors which enables a two-way communication between both the parties. 5. ApnaCourse: ApnaCourse is an e-learning platform providing in-demand video courses delivered by top instructors.
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