Billie Piper’s underwear has holes

"I mean, who has a flesh-coloured slip on hand? I haven't got that wardrobe -- my brassiere are from when I was 16 and my pants have all got holes in them," Piper told Sunday Times Style magazine. The 35-year-old star also said that she is starting to think she should dress more modestly, reports "I'm just at that point where I'm thinking, am I mutton dressed as lamb? Should I be showing my knees? There's this bulge of skin that doesn't stay up any more, and although the modern world tells me to celebrate that, I don't f*****g wanna!" she said. Piper's new TV show, "Collateral", was written by David Hare and not only did they bond straight away, but she's a big admirer of his sense of style. "He's louche and has a wicked sense of humour. I love the way he dresses, too, like a poet, with his brogues and his scarves, and the way that he can cross his legs a few times over," she said.
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