Jeetendra accused of sexual assault by his cousin

New Delhi, Feb 08 : An FIR was filed against Bollywood Actor Jeetendra in connection to a sexual abuse case.The incident happened when the victim was 18 years old and the actor was 28. She was a close relative of Jeetendra. The lawyer representing Jeetendra has categorically denied any such incident and said that complainant had made baseless claims.The FIR was filed in a two pages report, to the Director General of Himachal Pradesh Police. The incident had taken place 47 years ago when the two were shooting for a film.The victim has claimed that the actor had made arrangements with her now-deceased father to have him join on the sets where he was shooting. According to her, all the arrangements were made without her knowledge. She alleged that she was brought to a hotel after a long journey where inside a room there were two separate beds. She added, that Jeetendra joined her in bed and left only after sexually assaulting her.
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