These self-driving slippers are the future we deserve

Japanese automaker Nissan Motor has disclosed slippers that can 'park' themselves. Once a client takes them off, he or she can make the self-driving shoes consequently come back to an assigned spot with the push of a button. The car company has also unveiled floor cushions and tables that are programmed to self-park. Here is more on the rather unusual technology. The self-parking slippers feature two tiny wheels, a motor, and sensor cameras, all of which allow them to drive autonomously across wooden floors. They make utilization of the sensors to locate a designated space and then park themselves in it. The slippers, which come as a part of a bigger marketing campaign, are currently being displayed at Nissan's corporate headquarters in Yokohama. With the slippers, Nissan has displayed how its self-ruling innovation can be connected to ordinary items, advancing its car technology in a smart manner.
By: Dhruvish Shah
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