French aerial show-Celestial Carillon adorns sky with orchestral bells

Hyderabad, Feb 14 : French aerial show-Celestial Carillon was organised in Hyderabad's People's Plaza. A gala of light, sound, showmanship and utter bravery, the show lit up the skies hooking up all eyes. It was performed by French artist on aerialists, lifted 55 meters skyward, an orchestra of 17 bell ringers all dressed vibrantly and playing in harmonised tunes. The orchestral bells played without any amplification and the aerial acts left spectators in awe. The ground was filled with admirers who could not take their eyes off the incredible performances. The event was organised as part of Bonjour India festival 2017-18, by Alliance Francaise Hyderabad and Krishnakriti Foundation along with the support of Telangana Government. It was inaugurated by Tourism Minister A. Chandu Lal, Tourism Secretary B. Venkatesham, along with Bonjour India.
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