Pondicherry Child Sexual Abuse Case:Mother of Child Changes Testimony and supports Thierry Gagner

Thierry Gagner is a French man who runs an NGO – Hopigo and Missions Humanitarians – that predominantly worked with young people, according to cached pages available of the now-deactivated website. In the nondescript residence where he lived, Thierry Gagner had reportedly employed Surbhi (identity anonymous), a single mother of four from Odisha, whose husband had left her for another woman. The elderly man had promised to help the family financially – and this is where it gets murky. Thierry Gagner had apparently adopted one of Surbhi’s daughters,  – the child he has been accused of sexually abusing.

Parents change statement

“We are very poor. He helped with my daughter’s leg operation… He treated her like his own daughter! If something had been wrong with him, we would have said so ourselves…” Das says, denying that Thierry ever behaved inappropriately with his daughter.
Mother Changes Statement
Surbhi quickly says:I have not given any complaint. He didn’t do anything. He took care of us well. Who is exerting pressure in favor of Thierry Gagner ?  Who is exerting pressure to ensure that the case against Thierry Gagner is stopped – and will the investigators be able to withstand this pressure? Why has Asha’s mother changed her statement? At whose behest?
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