Safety is priority: Jayant Sinha on engine failure problems in flights

New Delhi [India], Mar.13 ): In the wake of the ongoing engine failure problems faced by Go Air and Indigo airlines, Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Civil Aviation, emphasised on Tuesday that the safety of passengers is of paramount importance. He added that technical analysis of the PW1100 engines was underway and they will return for commercial use once they are deemed safe. "Safety is priority. 43 such engines(PW1100) are there worldwide out of which 19 are in India and are being used by Indigo and GoAir. We don't consider this safe, technical analysis is underway and these engines can only be used when we consider it safe," said Sinha. Earlier today, as many as 47 flights were cancelled by Indigo as eight of their Airbus A320s with the PW1100 engines were grounded after a DGCA directive following recurrent occurrences of aborted take-offs and in-flight shutdowns (IFSD). Yesterday, a Lucknow bound Indigo flight from the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad, with 186 passengers on board, had to return and make an emergency landing because of an engine failure. The airport director reassured that all passengers were safe.
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