Karan Johar was called ‘pansy’ in school

"The word pansy, which is commonly used for a boy who talks and walks like a girl, was used for me," Karan said during an upcoming episode of Star Plus' "India's Next Superstar". Karan spoke about it following a contestant's performance of an act on a 'pansy' man who loved dancing, which left him moved, read a statement. "This performance took me back to my childhood days," he said. "I used to dance on girls' songs and my friends used to make fun of me. Upset about this, I went to an elocution teacher at the age of 13 and she said, ‘Why do you want to change the way talk, you're just fine'. That's when I gathered courage to face the world. "Today if I was still talking like that I wouldn't change it. Even if one of my kids talk or walk like that, I wouldn't change them," added Karan. --IANS
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