Participant can not emprate and is eliminated from MasterChef

The Top 24 contestants were announced on 1–3 May 2017. Chosen contestant Josh Clearihan was a previous auditionee from the eighth series who failed to reach the auditions when he was hospitalized with brain damage after a run-in with a car thief.[2] The series featured other previous auditionees: Pia Gava, Benita Orwell and Eloise Praino The program continued with the duels for the last 11 spots of the competition , and in the first fight of the night the lawyer Eduardo faced the dentist Rita with the theme in " contemporary kitchen ". Both had a lot of trouble in the kitchen, not necessarily with the food: they could barely locate the utensils in the MasterChef kitchen. In the end, Rita made shrimp and pumpkin in the tangerine sauce, beating Eduardo and his medallion with mashed potatoes and cheese. In the clash of Angelica versus Natalia, they had to make a plate of rabbit meat, a game meat. Natalia kept control for much of the finale and in the act of pounding she rolled up a little with her rabbit stew with creamy mashed potatoes, Angelica made a complex dish of Bun loin with carrots in the orange sauce and got the best in this step .
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