Mathew Sasa unveils the primordial pottery Longpi Hampai of Manipur

New Delhi, Apr 06 (ANI): The serene nature-filled hill district of Manipur, Ukhrul, is home to the famous Longpi Hampai or Longpi pottery which has attained international popularity for its unique art and craft. This famous ancient art is originated from two Longpi villages known as Longpi Khullen and Longpi Kajui, 37 kms away from Ukhrul district. The use of this art is widely prevalent in the state especially, the Tangkhul community, the inhabitants of the hill district, since time-immemorial. In a bid to bring awareness and promote the art of the community, Mathew Sasa Craft, an initiative by Mathew Sasa from Longpi Kajui, is striving to popularize this once glorious art through various platforms in the metropolis.
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