Do you remember the first TV show that just got you..?

New Delhi [India], Apr 10 (ANI): There is always a TV show that just hit you in a way that you left you feeling befuddled and enraptured. You might have got many childhood memories attached to that specific sitcom which made you fall in love with itself. In a similar heed, American-Pakistan actor, writer, and comedian, Kumail Nanjiani, has opened the floodgates on Twitter after asking his followers if they remember the first television show they fell in love with. The 40-year-old artist wrote, "Q: what was the 1st TV show you loved, completely? Not cartoons you watched as a kid. I mean, as you got a bit older. Maybe early teens, when you could really start engaging intellectually. For me, Star Trek: TOS. Intellectually, emotionally. Blew me away. The world felt bigger". A series of interesting choices ranging from The Twilight Zone, Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, and Twin Peaks came out. Here are some of the selected few: A user commented, "Same! The original Star Trek was where I first encountered literary/philosophical/political ideas. Plus my 1st crush was on James Tiberius Kirk." American actor, Rian Johnson, wrote, "Twin Peaks. Used to tape it so I could rewatch and study it all week, I was completely obsessed. (And strangely I started watching in season two)". American actress, Zelda Williams, wrote, "Uh, non-fiction was Garden Space, a british TV show where the hosts did suprise makeovers of peoples gardens. Fiction, Twilight Zone. Admittedly, I was/am a super weird kid..." Cliff Bleszinski, an American video game designer, wrote, "Buffy".
 American writer Mara Wilson wrote, "The Twilight Zone."
Comedian Ken Reid wrote, "I always say the Twilight Zone made us better people".
Writer Matt Oswalt wrote, "M*A*S*H, first show I ever saw that blended humor with drama. It was intellectual without being condescending, witty without being smug".
A fan wrote, "Gilmore Girls. I have watched this show multiple times and know a great many lines."
Writer Anne T. Donahue wrote, " SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH. Girlfriend was funny and weird, and lived in a Victorian mansion with her two brilliant aunts and a TALKING CAT. Plus, she wasn't popular and was totally fine with it. SHE HAD HER BEST PAL AND EVERYONE ELSE COULD GO TO HELL.".
Russian writer Alex Kruglov wrote, "Seinfeld. I even wrote a paper in college about how it was almost a religious experience for my friends and me".
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