Traditional salt farming dwindling in Goa

Panaji, (Goa) [India] Apr 10 (ANI): The 1500 years old salt farming of rock salts in Goa is dwindling away as iodised versions of it are ruling the roost. Salt pans are still made by human hands creating a hypersaline ecosystem from which crude salt is extracted during summer. Salt is then produced through this natural evaporation process and is sold before the monsoon. "The Goan rock salt was very famous. The original crystal salt was used by the Goans traditionally (for preparing) food, which is very good for health," said a History Professor, Prajal Sakhardande. "Due to the packet salts, salt industry in Goa took a back seat, which was flourishing earlier," he added. Salt played a vital role in the economy of Goa during the Portuguese rule as salt was the chief export commodity. A grocery shop owner in Goa, Jitendra Baghat, said: "People from the olden days still buy the original rock salts extracted in the traditional manner." During earlier times, salt from Goa was exported to Thailand, Burma and even African countries. Goa also dominated Asian market in1855 when it came to exporting salt.(ANI)
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