Myanmar tree beans import booms in Imphal

Imphal (Manipur), Apr 13: The business of seasonal tree beans from Myanmar, traditionally called ?Yongchak? is becoming popular among locals of Manipur, serving a dual purpose of requiring nominal start-up capital, as well as, yielding more profits. ?Yongchak? is grown in both Manipur as well as in neighbouring country. However, the import from Myanmar has tickled the taste buds of the Manipuri natives for being a hybrid product that is smaller in size, cheaper, and better tasting than the ?Yongchak? produced in Manipur. However, the delicacy being a seasonal item can only be consumed for short periods of time due to the absence of cold storage and preservative facilities. The tree beans take eight to nine years to ripen. These beans are very rich in proteins and minerals and are known to cure indigestion.
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