Dwyane Wade plays his greatest hit

There’s no point in having a beach bod in Cleveland. Wade looked his age on the Cavs earlier this season, but going back to Miami meant getting back in Miami shape (check out the bit about his declining body fat in Seerat Sohi’s SB Nation feature here). And in the Heat’s Game 2 clash against Philly, he looked like the best player on the court.

Wade turned back the clock and staved off the knee decay with a Game 2–high of 28 points in just 26 minutes. Ten years ago, Wade’s game was all hyperathletic drives. You wondered if he’d ever develop an old-man game. Maybe he’s not Flash anymore—more like a dimmer. But even half Wade-speed is enough: He found his way past defenders, pulled up in space, and stopped Philadelphia’s fourth-quarter run by stripping 24-year-old Dario SaricSeven shots went in before he even missed his first, an attempt from deep. Fifteen seasons in and he’s still trying to make the perimeter happen. Old habits die hard.

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