Kylie Jenner trolled for her brand new ‘Ironic’ green lipshade

Los Angeles [USA], April 17 (ANI): Reality TV star Kylie Jenner recently got trolled by her Instagram followers for showcasing her savaging green lips as she launched her bold range of Lipkits collection. Jenner took her Instagram account to post a photo of her wearing an 'Ironic' green lipshade. Soon after the her post, her fans and internet trollers gave their reactions to the bold choice of colour. One of them literally compared it to poop. "Kylie Jenner's 1s new green liquid lipstick is literally poop" a Twitterer commented. Another user compared Jenner wearing the green lipstick to animated green coloured character shrek. "bitches rlly b out here buying green lipstick lookin like shrek just bc Kylie Jenner made it" Sorry Kylie Jenner but your green lipstick looks like KAKA green. KAKA green is a term prevalent for green poop due to the consumption of green vegetables. Her new collection included "Bare," a pink-tinted taupe, "Say No More," an electric pink, "Boss," an orange-red, and "Ironic," a dusty olive. The Kylie's green colour is available for $29 USD.
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